New Life Technology Group recycling and donation event

Computer Donation and E-Recycling – Celebrating 10 Years Empowering Communities

Keep your outdated computers and old electronics from adding to the electronic waste global problem. Understanding how e-waste impacts the environment and which companies stand between you and an environmental crisis allows you to make better (well-informed) decisions when replacing your old electronics.

Computer donation and electronics recycling

New Life Technology Group gathered information about computer donations and electronics recycling while celebrating 10 years of environmental stewardship and empowering the less fortunate.

Computer Donations and Electronics Recycling

In an era where technology plays an increasingly crucial role in education and everyday life, the need for access to computer equipment cannot be overstated. However (for many individuals and communities), acquiring these fundamental tools can be financially challenging. This is where initiatives like New Life Technology Group step in, making significant strides in bridging the digital divide by donating computers and recycling electronics to benefit those in need.

A Community Electronics Recycling Partner

New Life Technology Group 10 year anniversary

Founded in 2015, New Life Technology Group (a nonprofit 501c-3) and headquartered at 253 Grogan Dr #120, Dawsonville, GA 30534, stands as a beacon of change, dedicated to reshaping communities through its innovative approach to technology access and environmental sustainability. With a mission to repurpose and redistribute electronics, this organization has made remarkable accomplishments that have positively impacted countless lives. Consider the following achievements:

Community Involvement – Since its founding, NLTG has partnered with multiple organizations to host more than 150 Computer Donation, Electronics Recycling, and Data Destruction events throughout communities in the Greater Atlanta region.

Computer and Electronics Donations – Among the notable achievements of the New Life Technology Group is the donation of 1100 laptops to children in need of school equipment. These laptops are not merely devices; they represent education opportunities, empowerment, and a brighter future. By providing access to technology, the organization is breaking down social and economic barriers to learning and ensuring that every child has the tools they need to succeed in this digital age.

4 Million Pounds and Counting – New Life Technology Group has been instrumental in environmental conservation efforts by recycling a staggering 4 million pounds of e-waste. By keeping electronic waste out of landfills, the organization is mitigating harmful environmental impacts and promoting a sustainable approach to technology consumption and disposal.

New Life Technology Group donated computer equipment

Note: This commitment to responsible recycling demonstrates a holistic approach to community welfare (extending beyond immediate human needs) to encompass environmental stewardship.

Expanding Reach and Multiplying Positive Community Impact

New Life Technology Group’s impact extends far beyond its local community, currently reaching across four states, including:

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama

By servicing multiple states, the organization has broadened its reach and multiplied its impact, touching the lives of individuals and communities in need across the region. This expansion underscores the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and its determination to leave no community behind in the digital revolution.

You can partner with New Life Technology Group anywhere in the continental United States. Click here for more information on hosting events, making donations, or calling (404) 313-8215 to learn how you can significantly contribute to New Life Technology Group’s environmental stewardship efforts.

Community Recognition – New Life Technology Group’s exemplary efforts have not gone unnoticed. The organization has been honored with the “Best of Forsyth” award multiple times, a testament to its dedication, innovation, and positive influence within the community. This accolade not only celebrates past achievements but also serves as a catalyst for continued excellence and inspiration for others to follow.

Charity and Business Partnerships – Collaboration lies at the heart of the New Life Technology Group’s success. By partnering with over 30 charities, the organization has amplified its impact and reached diverse groups of individuals in need.

Note: These partnerships have enabled the efficient distribution of computers to those who need them most, fostering a spirit of solidarity and collective action in pursuing technological equity.

Fostering Change – New Life Technology Group’s initiatives extend far beyond the tangible donations and recycling efforts. By empowering individuals with access to technology, the organization fosters digital literacy, expands educational opportunities, and unlocks new pathways to socio-economic advancement. By changing lives, NLTG is laying the groundwork for stronger communities.

The organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability sets a precedent for responsible electronic consumption and disposal practices. By raising awareness about recycling and environmental conservation, New Life Technology Group inspires others to adopt greener habits and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future

As New Life Technology Group continues to make strides in computer donations and electronics recycling, its vision for the future remains clear: to create a world where access to technology is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Through tireless dedication, commitment, and a collaborative spirit, the organization is paving the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and technologically empowered society.

Watch this video to see how New Life Technology Group receives and processes electronics donations.

New Life Technology Group’s Owners

Organizational structure helps this nonprofit organization work towards its goals. It brings the organization together while helping ensure smooth and efficient functioning. This small structure reduces the time, money, and effort spent to reach New Life Technology Group’s goal to fulfill its mission.

Tim Conley

New Life Technology Group CEO Tim Conley

  • Tim’s Message: “I started this company in my garage and have now outgrown a third building. We have been working hard to get our message out, and it’s great to see people wanting to help! A lot of people are not aware of the damage e-waste has done and continues to do to our environment. We are thankful for all your support in working towards a brighter and greener future! Since the pandemic started and many schools have gone virtual or given that option, many students don’t have the luxury of a home computer. This is where you can help out in more ways than one! We are excited for all we have accomplished and cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

Brittany Conley

New Life Technology Group CEO Brittany Conley

  • Brittany’s message: “I have been with New Life Technology Group since the beginning. This has been my husband and I’s passion for over a decade, and I wanted to be part of his dream. It is a blessing to see the organization grow, and I can’t wait to see it continue. I was recently promoted to CEO, and I’m excited to see what the future will bring us! This organization is very close to my heart because we not only help the planet, we help as many students as possible; it is wonderful to see the changes we can make in the lives of these children we have worked with.”

Electronics Recycling Center

In this article, you discovered crucial information about how computer donations and electronics recycling benefit communities and promote a healthier environment while celebrating a significant milestone for New Life Technology Group.

Donating your outdated computers and recycling the electronics you no longer use (to a responsible recycler) helps keep toxic material out of landfills and, in this case, benefits less fortunate children and their families.

Failure to properly dispose of your old computer equipment contributes to the global e-waste problem, environmental stress, and contamination of our waterways and soil.


  New Life Technology Group

    253 Grogan Dr #120
    Dawsonville, GA 30534
    (404) 313-8215

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