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It’s 2021 – How Do You Work?

Should you stay or should you go? . . . Back to work, that is. Have you had to make the decision if you are staying home and working remotely or are you beckoning the call to head back to the office? Hopefully you have a choice. If you have not had to decide, it’s coming, so be prepared. Now, whether you choose to go back to work or continue in the remote sector, it’s not ours to say what’s better or even more desirable. We want to address the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room, meaning there’s still a question that needs to be answered . . . What are all the business owners doing with all the electronic equipment you now realize you don’t need or can’t use if your people choose to work remotely? You most likely now have extra laptops, desktops, copiers, printers, audio equipment, phone systems, network devices, servers, cables and so much more! What to do, what to do?
There’s really three options to consider going forward:

1. You could sell them all (if you have the time to do so) – Selling your equipment will get you some return on your investment, but not much. When you consider depreciation, prepping them all to sell, constantly monitoring their progress online and boosting the postings as needed. Is your time and effort worth it?

2. You could trash them all (not recommended – please don’t) – Trashing all these electronics is NOT the answer. We know you’re better than that. Besides, the landfills can’t take it, and what’s worse is the growing global problem with electronics taking up too much space in landfills from poor decisions of others not being as resourceful as we know you can be.

3. You could donate your electronics to New Life Technology Group (best option ever), and here’s why:

a) We recycle or refurbish 100% of what is donated.
b) Nothing that comes through our doors ends up in the landfill!
c) A portion of your donations (especially laptops) go to our Computers For Kids Program.
If you’re not familiar with our Computers For Kids Program, here’s the simplest explanation. We take in donated laptops and the ones we can refurbish, we do, and then turn them back around to students who are still choosing remote learning, but who’s parents may not have the resources to have several laptops at their disposal. To date we’ve donated over 900 laptops through the program and the demand never ends. We appreciate all of our donors, and please know that should you not be able to donate a laptop, there are two other ways to donate. Our AmazonSmile program is one and straight monetary donations are the other. Check out the donate page to see how you can make a difference in a student’s life.
For more information about setting up an Electronic Waste Event or a Drive, please visit our Events page or feel free to contact us at 404.313.8215.
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