computer donations Nonprofit Electronic Recycling Center Atlanta Ga

How To Donate Your Old Computer To An Electronic Recycling Center

Recycle old computers to charity Nonprofit Electronic Recycling Center Atlanta Ga

Atlanta Schools In Need of Computer Donations

A laptop shortage created mainly by the shift to online classes is challenging districts across the metro Atlanta area. Schools all over Atlanta are waiting on thousands of orders, from less expensive Chromebooks to more powerful computers that can handle the volume and heavy use of online learning. This need for computers is not a problem for Atlanta schools but a nationwide problem. 

With the shift to online learning and students still being kept out of public schools due to not wanting to risk infecting a sick relative or bringing the virus home, online learning is here to stay. Because of this shift, parents are strained to buy a computer for every child so they do not miss out on their education. Yet, with inflation rising with no end in sight this year, everything has become more expensive. From necessities such as gas, food, rent, and computers to wants like backpacks, clothes, and school supplies, parents cannot afford a computer for each of their children. To help teachers, students, and parents, schools have turned to Charities such as New Life Technology Group, which helps recycle computers,  to help with such a massive demand for cheap computers. 

How To Donate Your Computer To An Electronics Recycling Charity

Don’t Just Donate Your old computers to places like Goodwill, where a large portion of the money made from your generosity is used to pay executives and operating costs. Donate to an e-recycling charity such as, New Life Technology Group, where their mission is to help our planet by reducing e-waste and support our community through our Computers for Kids Program. We do this by recycling, refurbishing, and redistributing electronic waste.

New Life Technology Group makes it easy to donate your computers to a charity. Here’s How: 

  1. We pick up your old electronics FREE OF CHARGE
  2. We Permanently destroy your data
  3. All Unuseable electronics are broken down into parts and recycled – keeping them out of landfills
  4. You’re done! Collect your tax benefits

From there, New Life Technology Group will donate your computer to schools and kids in need in the local area. 

Help Your Community, Donate To Recycling Charities

We Pickup Your Computer for FREE

New Life Technology Group makes it easy for everyone to donate their computers to a computer recycling charity by offering FREE pickup of your computers. Don’t worry about erasing the data, New Life Technology Group will also erase it free of charge! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Donations

  • How do I clear my old computer before I donate it?

    Computer recycling, electronic recycling or e-waste recycling is the disassembly and separation of components and raw materials of waste electronics. Although the procedures of re-use, donation and repair are not strictly recycling, these are other common sustainable ways to dispose of IT waste.

  • What should you do before donating your computer?

    1. Back up your documents.
    2. Save important contact lists.
    3. Transfer your most important emails to your new computer; then delete them from your old one.
    4. Delete everything you have downloaded.

  • What are the benefits of donating computer equipment?

    By donating IT equipment, companies can support Computer Aid projects in Atlanta in education, health, agriculture, governance, and post-crisis relief. Donating equipment also means extending the lifespan of a PC and reducing the amount of e-waste.

  • How do I clear my old computer before I donate it?

    There is no need to clear your data! New Life Technology Group takes care of that for you!

  • What to do with old computers near me?

    Don't donate to retailers like Best Buy and Staples when it comes to computer and electronics recycling. Send your computer to charities that are committed to getting computers to people over profits. Charities like New Life Technology Group not only do they give computers to kids in need but also pick up the computer from you free of charge! 

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