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Does Donating Make You Feel Good?

The holiday season is upon us! Yes, another year of giving, gathering and going to all sorts of events, organized or not. For some, it’s a season of doubt, worry, or pain, while others have a childlike wonder every time this season comes around. It can be quite a range of emotions and experiences.
While there are so many things to do, places to go and people to see, it made me wonder about something . . . the first thing I mentioned, “another year of giving.” You may have not thought to give, or had any reason or organization in which to give to, so it has not crossed your mind. However, many people take the end of the year to re-examine their lives, their place in life and how it fits with their moral compass. Whether it’s for religious reasons or not, we all have a sense of belonging and decide what movements we want to be a part of and for what reason, and some of us choose to give to others or organizations they believe in and trust. 
In this blog, I wanted to explore the reasons for “Why we give?” In just the small amount of research I pulled up, it showed that it truly is a psychological experience or exercise in our mind, no matter who you are. Do you know the number one reason people give? Because someone asked! . . . Now that surprised me, so I thought a little more about it and have this small experience to share.
Growing up in a middle-class family in California, I was only exposed to “giving situations” through the church we were involved in. It was usually for a ministry I was involved in or others were asking us to contribute to, or if we had a mission we were setting out for and needed to fundraise to go to said mission. Of course there was the tithing aspect, which also has its place in this discussion, but more of what I was looking to express here are the reasons that compel us to give. 
For me, it came later in life after marriage. We were fortunate to live in several neighborhoods of mixed economic diversity, and one city in particular comes to mind because of the homeless population that was evident there.   Almost every stop light, storefront, or fast food joint, we would be approached with the question, “I’m hungry, can you spare some change?” Or “Help a brother/sister out?” For years I gave without thinking, as I almost felt guilted into it. There was no reason not to. They asked, and it felt good, and there was a need in front of me I wanted to meet. Then when I asked myself, “Why?” or “What else can I do to better this situation I was put into?”. . . and it came to me . . . what solves their problem immediately? . . . Food! So yes, I gave because someone asked, but after my self reflection I started to change the dynamic. When they asked, I gladly stated, “YES! I’d love to feed you.” Most times, if it was at a grocery store or a restaurant, I would ask what they wanted and then get them exactly what they asked for. Other times, if I was in a rush or could not take a specific order, I would tell them, “Let me run in and get my items, and then I would purchase something towards the end of my visit that may sustain them, if they stayed and waited for me.” I’d have to say that eighty percent of the time they waited for me to return, so it made me feel like this was a legitimate need and the transaction was mutually beneficial. I have since approached these types of situations similarly in my remaining adult life and have turned the need into a solution, without ever having to question, “Did I do the right thing?”.
Whether giving to the homeless is your soft spot, or giving to an organization you believe in is your thing, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you solve the reason or answer the question to why you choose to give. Here is a list of other reasons people give. Check it out and see if any of these reasons ring true for you:
Social Dynamics – Because society deems it necessary and responsible to do so.
Altruism – Something inside of you says it’s the “right thing to do.”
Trust – You actually believe your gift will do what it was purposed to do.
Impact – You want to make a difference in someone’s world.
Goal Proximity – There’s a goal or financial need to meet.
Overcoming Difficulty – Making sure someone gets what they need to move forward.
Egoism – To receive personal benefit or satisfaction.
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (the fear is real).
Check out the psychology behind these reasons and how organizations can work to answer or champion these reasons to make giving truly worth it again.
Should you choose to donate to our cause this year, whether it’s this time of year or you make plans to give in the months to come, New Life Technology Group has a gift for your donation. We want to start a movement. One that all people, both young and old can get behind. Our mission is two fold; to keep e-waste out of our landfills AND to give back to our community by donating refurbished laptops to students in remote learning situations through our Computers For Kids Program. Would you consider being part of our movement?
We have five ways to partner with us:
5) Drop off your consumer/personal electronic waste at our Alpharetta office (M-F 8am – 4pm)
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